Tips when creating something you wish to share with others


Here are some “tips” to keep in mind when coding.

Stay away from using the pipe (|).

This is helpful, when asking for help and debuggin.


;hard to determine the error
alias myAlias {
  echo -s myAlias start | someCommand .| echo -s myAlias done

alias myAlias2 {
  echo -s myAlias start
  echo -s myAlias done

Make a habit of always typing closing curly brackets “}” after typing an open curly brackets “{”.

Because the mIRC script editor does not have auto complete, it is quite common to forget closing brackets.

Do not assume users have installed mIRC in the same directory you did.

Use $scriptdir to specify files in the same directory as your script/code.

(see next tip)

Use $scriptdir and $qt() or “quotes” for paths.

Having the previous “tip” in mind, one must not assume paths to files do not contain spaces. Therefore, one must use quotes to indicate to mIRC that it is one parameter instead of two.


write $qt($scriptdirdata.txt) some data

This way if our data.txt is located at My Files/ it will not create a file My