Simple Graphical User Interface


My vacations are ending soon, but few days ago I decided to retake an old project of mine (a gui to be more exact) to see how far I can take it. Here is a preview of the last version I did:

(if you would like a copy of this version feel free to sent a pm)

Although that version worked to the best of my knowledge at least, it had quite a few things I did not truly liked. So this time I thought I could rewrite some of the things I do not like and improve some of the things it already has. I currently rewrote the structure of the table and popups to make it a bit more like the ones in mIRC. You may read more on this on the wiki page. Here is what I currently have for this next version: Simple Simple Graphical User Interface.

Helping testing what I currently have is greatly appreciated, and suggestions/comments are welcome.