Play Pacman online!



PᗣᗧMᗣN for mIRC


Do you like playing games? Did you know that Ouims created PᗣᗧMᗣN online for mIRC? Read on!

What you have to do is download the installation script. You can obtain it by clicking this link
Alternatively, visit the PᗣᗧMᗣN IRC channel and inquire about the installation script!

Step 1 - Obtain the installer

  • Load the installation script in your remote script section. Either you open the pac_installer.mrc file and copy paste the code in mIRC remote script section or you use the /load -rs <path to pac_installer>\pac_installer.mrc command.

Step 2 - Run the installer

  • Go to the menubar or right-click the status window and select Pacman Install. Click ‘Yes’ in the following dialog window:
  • Pacman will install from the remote location. image
  • Pacman will ask you if you want to get rid of the installations script. Just click ‘Yes’.
  • Pacman will ask you where to place the application. Just choose ‘menubar’. image

Step 3 - Launching Pacman

  • (Pacman will automatically launch after you installed it). Otherwise click on the menubar in mIRC and select Pacman > Run.

Step 4 - Play a game against the computer

  • There’s three tabs in the main dialog window: Lobby, Game and Settings. Click on Settings and click on Start. It will ask you for a nickname, so enter one!
  • Under Maps available, double-click black so it is added to the Maps played listbox;
  • Under Moderation, select the nickname you entered and press the Pacman button;
  • Under Cpu ghosts, select ‘3’;
  • Select the checkbox Server is ready;
  • Select the tab Game;
  • Select the checkbox Ready;
  • Play against the computer!

P.S.: You can also PvP! A player can host a server so other players can connect to it. Then, each can assigned a Pacman or ghost role. For more information, talk to Ouims on SwiftIRC (#pacman)


edited-to-add: The game consists of a client and server module. In order to play the game, one needs to host the server on a Windows computer for that part uses COM objects. The screenshots in the above example are from a macOS computer running crossover (WINE) and therefore you can only use the client side! In other words: you can play Pacman in mIRC in WINE as long as you connect to a Windows computer that hosts the server side!