List of mSL games to showcase or how-to (WIP)




Seeing the screenshots, that citadels looks to be a nice game


I realized that I actually own that (card) game! It’s a fun game! Have yet to play it on mIRC.

Preview Name Creator Download
Pictionary ^oS Download
Ski puzzling Download
mIRC Sweeper Smay Download
Black Jack Game fnt Download
Slides QuickStep Download
Excess Poker fugitive Download
Classic Pipe Dream akio Download
Missile Shooter visionz Download
DDR - Dance Dance With mIRC Attila Download
Sudoku Jynx^ Download
Sokoban praetorian Download
Helico Game Raynor Download
DragonBall Z Epsilon Download
ProjectX Black Jack no3dfx Download
KillTheGame luxtrike Download
Airplane 2 - WWII Scrolling Shooter Foshizzle Download
AnyCard moot Download
And yet another tower defense game visionz Download
Airplane v3.5 Foshizzle Download
Tetris Talon Download
Pic Puzzle Game Flobse Download


  • Some of these are old and might not work on current versions of mIRC.
  • Some of the creator names do not match because I have not download all of these (more like not one :slight_smile:).


Awesome @SykO! I have one question: Do you mind if I edit your post so that the preview images are shown in the table? You can do this yourself if you know how!

To show images, use:

Will give this as output:

To scale output, drag and drop the image in your post (so that it uploads the image to this website) so you get the following:


You can then do this:
![image|485x500, 50%](upload://fk1C4YlZRm1wSj56n19kq8nAIWL.png)

or maybe even smaller!