How do I run multiple scripts with mIRC, each script with its own mIRC environment?


Short answer

Use the mIRC.exe -r parameter!

Long answer

  1. Install the first set of scripts you wish to use into a data directory of your choosing. The %appdata% location would make for a good location. Please note you can type %appdata% into the address bar in Windows Explorer or in the Windows > Run menu (and press enter).
  2. Create a new folder for your script(s) - for example - %appdata%\mIRCscripts
  3. Create a new shortcut on the desktop and search for mIRC.exe
  4. Append the parameter -r%appdata%\mIRCscripts
  5. (Optional) Set the Start-in property of the shortcut to: %appdata%\mIRCscripts


Install nbs-irc to its own folder. Read more here…


  • Using this method means you only have to maintain one instance of mIRC. You don’t have to drop mIRC.exe into each script directory!
  • Some scripts (like Peace and Protection) don’t start up properly if not installed to the default location (%appdata%\mIRC)