@awaylog window problem in pnp



I tried to change the font of the @awaylog window, and it keeps resetting it to the default one.
I don’t have an option to set it as default, but usually it should remember that.


Hi vigilant,

When you right-click the away log window, do you see Window in the submenu? It allows you to set the font and size of the @Awaylog window.
If you haven’t got it, you need to enable it. Type /config 22 and where it says Show these popups select the checkbox for Window.

PnP will remember the font and size you set for PnP windows via Window in the right-click menu. You can open up and have a look at window.ini in your default folder in %appdata%\mIRC\CONFIG to verify this.



Thank you, that worked :slight_smile: